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Integrating the Water Planetary Boundary With Water Management From Local to Global Scales
Abstract The planetary boundaries framework defines the “safe operating space for humanity” represented by nine global processes that can destabilize the Earth System if perturbed. The waterExpand
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Priorities and Interactions of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Focus on Wetlands
Wetlands are often vital physical and social components of a country’s natural capital, as well as providers of ecosystem services to local and national communities. We performed a network analysisExpand
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Joint effort among research infrastructures to quantify the impact of plastic debris in the ocean
Marine debris is one of the most significant problems facing the marine environment, endangering wildlife, polluting oceans and is an issue which holds global significance. Plastics constitute aExpand
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The Southern Caribbean upwelling system off Colombia: Water masses and mixing processes
Abstract The upwelling system off the southern Caribbean coast is probably the main source of the nutrients that support biological productivity in the oligotrophic Caribbean Sea. SubtropicalExpand
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Variabilidad de la Piscina Cálida del Hemisferio Occidental y sus efectos sobre el clima del Caribe colombiano
Mucho se ha hablado de los efectos que tiene El Nino Oscilacion del Sur (ENOS) sobre las condiciones oceanograficas y climaticas en Colombia, pero poco se sabe de la influencia de la Piscina CalidaExpand
Distribución de los metales en el estrecho de Gerlache, Antártica y su relación con las condiciones oceanográficas, durante el verano austral 2014-2015.
Durante el verano austral de 2014-2015 se llevo a cabo la primera expedicion de Colombia a la Antartica, durante la cual se desarrollo un crucero oceanografico a lo largo del estrecho de Gerlache, enExpand
Coupled response of rainfall and denitrification to solar forcing during the Holocene in Alfonso Basin
Resumen en: The bulk sedimentary δ15N record of Alfonso Basin displayed changes both from a regional source possibly associated with changes in the isotopic signal o...
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Validation of the Hazard and Vulnerability Analysis of Coastal Erosion in the Caribbean and Pacific Coast of Colombia
A hazard and vulnerability assessment of coastal erosion is an essential first step for planning and decision-making, because it is part of risk management and its results are in the form of easilyExpand
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Productividad primaria marina dominada por diatomeas en el Pacífico nororiental mexicano durante el último milenio
Las diatomeas, el principal grupo del plancton siliceo, contribuyen con mas del 40% de la produccion primaria marina y dominan las comunidades del plancton en el Oceano del Sur, Pacifico Norte yExpand
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