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Context: Software quality models provide either abstract quality characteristics or concrete quality measurements; there is no seamless integration of these two aspects. Quality assessment approaches are, hence, also very specific or remain abstract. Reasons for this include the complexity of quality and the various quality profiles in different domains(More)
Existing software quality models typically focus on common quality characteristics such as the ISO 25010 software quality characteristics. However, most of them provide insufficient operationalization for quality assessments of source code. Moreover, they usually focus on software in general or on information systems and do not sufficiently cover the(More)
Measuring and evaluating software quality has become a fundamental task. Many models have been proposed to support stakeholders in dealing with software quality. However, in most cases, quality models do not fit perfectly for the target application context. Since approaches for efficiently adapting quality models are largely missing, many quality models in(More)
As a courtesy to the publisher, this paper may not be reproduced or distributed in any form. Abstract. This paper presents a visualisation of the ASN and ontologies using AutoCAD. The geometric coordinates of nodes are based on the semantic distances. The whole semantic network or some selected parts are visualised on the screen, similar to a cartographic "(More)
<i>Background:</i> The mobility domains are moving towards the adoption of multicore technology. Appropriate methods, techniques, and tools need to be developed or adapted in order to fulfill the existing requirements. This is a case for design space exploration methods and tools. <i>Objective:</i> Our goal was to understand the importance of different(More)
Companies increasingly recognize that IT plays a significant role in their current and future business strategies, and IT departments increasingly need to justify their role in terms of contributions to business goals. Currently, little experience exists on how to effectively create this missing business-IT link. In 2010, ECOPETROL, a global player in the(More)
The ability to develop or evolve software or software-based systems/services with defined and guaranteed quality in a predictable way is becoming increasingly important. Essential-though not exclusive-prerequisites for this are the ability to model the relevant quality properties appropriately and the capability to perform reliable quality evaluations.(More)
The concept of "software quality" is often hard to capture for an organization. Quality models aim at making the concept more operational by refining the "quality" of software development products and processes into sub-concepts down to the level of concrete metrics and indicators. In practice, it is difficult for an organization to come up with a reliable(More)
—Within the framework of a project, a variety of known and unknown problems and difficulties in collaboration may occur, which affect how the success of a project is perceived. The goal of our research is to identify factors that influence the perceived success of a project in order to be able to take early countermeasures if project success is threatened.(More)