Constantinos Simserides

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We examined effects of the task of categorizing linear frequency-modulated (FM) sweeps into rising and falling on auditory evoked magnetic fields (AEFs) from the human auditory cortex, recorded by means of whole-head magnetoencephalography. AEFs in this task condition were compared with those in a passive condition where subjects had been asked to just(More)
A systematic study of electron or hole transfer along DNA dimers, trimers and polymers is presented with a tight-binding approach at the base-pair level, using the relevant on-site energies of the base-pairs and the hopping parameters between successive base-pairs. A system of N coupled differential equations is solved numerically with the eigenvalue(More)
We call monomer a B-DNA base pair and study, analytically and numerically, electron or hole oscillations in monomers, dimers and trimers. We employ two tight binding (TB) approaches: (I) at the base-pair level, using the on-site energies of the base pairs and the hopping parameters between successive base pairs i.e. a wire model, and (II) at the single-base(More)
An external magnetic field, H, applied parallel to a quasi-two-dimensional carrier system modifies quantitatively and qualitatively the density of states. We examine how this affects primary thermodynamic properties, namely, the entropy, S, the internal and free energy, U and F, the magnetization, M, and the magnetic susceptibility, χ(m), using a(More)
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