Constantinos Pitris

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resonance imaging, multi-scale photo-acoustics. His research interests are optical metrology and biomedical optics. Initially developed for fiber optic communication, optical time stretch has recently been. A single scan of a typical Raman measurement can collect spectral data in the range of Fibre optics-based remote Raman systems are extensively used in(More)
Recent advances in fiber optics, sources and detectors, imaging, and computer-controlled instrumentation have stimulated a period of unprecedented growth in the development of photonics technologies for a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic clinical applications. These include the application of quantitative optical spectroscopy and imaging for the(More)
The design of MR-compatible robotic systems is a challenging task given the magnetic nature of the scanning environment but also the limitations imposed by the geometric characteristics of the imaging modality. The latter issue is often referred to as geometric MR-compatibility and was treated through image-based analyses as part of the design of a new(More)
Specially designed robotic manipulators have been proposed for the performance of minimally invasive interventions under real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guidance. The design of MR-compatible robotic systems is a challenging task given the limitations imposed by the magnetic nature of the scanning environment but also the geometry of a high-field(More)
Infrared fluorescence endoscopy (IRFE), in conjunction with an infrared fluorescent-labelling contrast agent, is a well known technique used for efficient early-stage cancer detection. In this paper we present a cost-effective (< $500) screening capsule prototype, which is able to detect infrared (IR) fluorescence emitted by indocyanine green (ICG)(More)
The classification of Raman Spectra is useful in identification and diagnosis applications. We have obtained Raman Spectra from bacterial samples using three different species of bacteria. Before any form of classification can be carried out on the Raman Spectra it is important that some form of normalization is used. This is due to the nature of the(More)
The aim of the present work was to develop and test the methodology, along with the relevant software and hardware tools required, to facilitate a needle targeting intervention using a manually-actuated, MR-compatible manipulation system. The manipulator is deployed inside a high-field, cylindrical MR scanner and allows real-time guidance of an(More)
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an emerging technology for micron-scale cross-sectional imaging of biological tissue [1, 2]. Enhancing the resolution of OCT images continues to be a very active field of research. The longitudinal resolution in OCT images is inversely proportional to the optical bandwidth and proportional to the square of the center(More)
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