Constantinos Pitris

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Recent advances in fiber optics, sources and detectors, imaging, and computer-controlled instrumentation have stimulated a period of unprecedented growth in the development of photonics technologies for a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic clinical applications. These include the application of quantitative optical spectroscopy and imaging for the(More)
Infrared fluorescence endoscopy (IRFE), in conjunction with an infrared fluorescent-labelling contrast agent, is a well known technique used for efficient early-stage cancer detection. In this paper we present a cost-effective (< $500) screening capsule prototype, which is able to detect infrared (IR) fluorescence emitted by indocyanine green (ICG)(More)
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an emerging technology for micron-scale cross-sectional imaging of biological tissue [1, 2]. Enhancing the resolution of OCT images continues to be a very active field of research. The longitudinal resolution in OCT images is inversely proportional to the optical bandwidth and proportional to the square of the center(More)
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