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In this paper it is described how can a social network, like Facebook, be exploited and converted into an attack platform, in order to gain some sensitive data, which can complete a perfect attacking profile against a user. More specifically, we created a Facebook application for demonstration purposes that on the surface is a simple application, but on the(More)
The unprecedented urbanization of the past decades has not only led to the introduction of the concept of smart cities, but has simultaneously made them a necessity. By converting our cities into smart ones, we enable future generations to live in a friendly and sustainable environment. Within smart cities, the wide deployment of sensors allows the(More)
Sharing data via information and communications technology is a fundamental goal of e-government, but data fusion and data mining could reveal sensitive personal information. A proposed cryptographic protocol guarantees citizens' privacy through data aggregation and fosters e-participation in a scalable and interoperable way. The Web extra at(More)
—Automatic recommender systems have become a cornerstone of e-commerce, especially after the great welcome of Web 2.0 based on participation and interaction of Internet users. Collaborative Filtering (CF) is a recommender system that is becoming increasingly relevant for the industry due to the growth of the Internet, which has made it much more difficult(More)