Constantinos Markopoulos

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In this work we developed and characterized transport media that simulate the composition of micellar phase of intestinal fluids in the fasted and, especially, in the fed state and are appropriate for evaluating intestinal drug permeability characteristics using the Caco-2 model (FaSSIF-TM(Caco) and FeSSIF-TM(Caco), respectively). Media composition was(More)
The first aim of this study was to characterize the luminal contents and their micellar phase after the administration of a heterogeneous liquid meal to healthy adults. The second aim was to evaluate the impact of micellar lipids and coarse lipid particles on danazol flux through intestinal monolayers. A third aim was to compare the micellar composition in(More)
OBJECTIVES We aimed to assess the intralumenal stability of oleuropein in human gastric and small intestinal contents. We additionally aimed to assess the stability characteristics of oleuropein in media simulating the intralumenal conditions. METHODS The intralumenal stability of oleuropein was assessed in aspirates from the stomach and the upper small(More)
Evaluate the impact of luminal micellar phase on passive permeability of five lipophilic (1.9 ≤ clogP  ≤ 9.0) small molecules using biorelevant media and evaluate the impact of luminal coarse lipid particles on danazol permeability after oral administration of a triglyceride solution to fed adults using PAMPA. Permeability of carbamazepine, furosemide,(More)
BACKGROUND Biorelevant media for evaluation of dosage form performance in the gastrointestinal lumen were first introduced in the late 1990s. Since then, a variety of additional media have been proposed, making it now possible to simulate most regions in the gastrointestinal tract in both prandial states. However, recent work suggests that the complexity(More)
The purpose was to propose two-stage single-compartment models for evaluating dissolution characteristics in distal ileum and ascending colon, under conditions simulating the bioavailability and bioequivalence studies in fasted and fed state by using the mini-paddle and the compendial flow-through apparatus (closed-loop mode). Immediate release products of(More)
Bose-Einstein Correlations (BEC) of three identical charged pions were studied in 4× 106 hadronic Z0 decays recorded with the OPAL detector at LEP. The genuine three-pion correlations, corrected for the Coulomb effect, were separated from the known two-pion correlations by a new subtraction procedure. A significant genuine three-pion BEC enhancement near(More)
Characterize the contents of distal ileum and cecum in healthy adults under conditions simulating the bioavailability/bioequivelance studies of drug products in fasted and fed state. Twelve males participated in a two-phase crossover study. Phase I: subjects remained fasted overnight plus 4.5 h in the morning prior to colonoscopy. Phase II: subjects(More)
AIMS When administered orally as either an immediate or modified release dosage form, zolpidem demonstrates a negative food effect, i.e. decrease in Cmax and AUC. The aim of the study was to arrive at a better understanding of the absorption of this BCS class I compound in vivo and to simulate the observed plasma profiles using in vitro and in silico(More)
AIMS Postprandial administration of solid oral dosage forms greatly changes the dissolution environment compared to fasted state administration. The aims of this study were to investigate and forecast the effect of co-administration of a meal on drug release for delayed and/or extended release mesalamine formulations as well as design of in vitro tests to(More)