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Bone scan with Tc-99m (technetium) diphosphonate is sensitive, but non-specific for musculoskeletal tumors. Tl-201 (thallium), Tc-99m-sestamibi, Tc-99m-tetrofosmin, and F-18-fluorodeoxyglucose (F-18-FDG) can visualize tumors more specifically and are therefore useful in orthopedic oncology. However, cartilaginous tumors are characterized by histological and(More)
Surgical ureteric injury is rare and often unsuspected for a long time. We present a child in whom an abdominal neuroblastoma was completely excised, but during surgery the left ureter was transected and anastomosed. One month later, during postoperative disease staging, abnormal 123I-MIBG accumulation was observed in the left renal cortex and the left side(More)
Left ventricular diastolic filling is a fundamental constituent of cardiac performance. Diastolic function in both adults and children can be routinely assessed by radionuclide ventriculography (RNV). It has previously been shown that factors such as heart rate (HR) and age can significantly modify diastolic performance in adults, thus limiting the clinical(More)
Brown adipose tissue (BAT) physiology and imaging have recently attracted considerable attention. BAT is characterized both by enhanced perfusion and increased mitochondrial activity. (99m)Tc-sestamibi is a lipophilic cationic tracer that concentrates in mitochondria. Data on the accumulation of (99m)Tc-sestamibi in BAT are currently lacking. This study(More)
PURPOSE To compare (99m)Tc-depreotide and (201)Tl chloride SPET in the characterization of pulmonary lesions. METHODS Fifty-seven pulmonary lesions from 33 patients suspected of malignancy in computed tomography, were assessed by (99m)Tc-depreotide and (201)Tl early and delayed SPET imaging. Images were visually assessed and the tumour-to-normal (T/N)(More)
Behavioral abnormalities have been reported in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) but their aetiology is not yet clearly defined. We report on the case of a 48 years old woman with long standing bulbar onset ALS referred to our department for brain perfusion scan for the evaluation of behavioral and emotional disorders. The patient's scores(More)
The solitary pulmonary nodule (SPN) is a relatively common imaging finding, often representing a diagnostic challenge. Radiological appearance, growth rate calculation during follow up and probability of malignancy assessment by the Bayes' theorem are widely used for identifying the nature of a SPN. Molecular imaging by fluoro-18 deoxy glucose positron(More)
The lipophilic cationic radiotracer (99m)Tc-sestamibi, known to be concentrated within mitochondria, is widely used for myocardial perfusion and to a lesser extent for muscle metabolism imaging. However, the exact distribution pattern in skeletal muscle has not been yet studied in detail. The present study aims to investigate the (99m)Tc-sestamibi uptake in(More)