Constantinos E. Simopoulos

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I. Abstract Measurements of longitudinal beam properties in the Stanford Linear Collider (SLC) damping rings have been made using a Hamamatsu, model N3373-02, 500-femtosecond streak c,amera[l]. The dependence of bunch length on current and accelerating RF voltage was measured. The energy spread dependence of current was also measured. The turbulent(More)
The corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) system, consisting of CRH, urocortins (Ucns), their receptors CRH(1) and CRH(2), and CRH-binding protein, holds the principal role in mediating the response to stress stimuli. Besides their expression in the brain, CRH neuropeptides and receptors have been found in multiple peripheral sites. We investigated the(More)
The etiology and pathophysiology of Tourette Syndrome (TS) remain poorly understood. Multiple lines of evidence suggest that a complex genetic background and the cortico-striato-thalamo-cortical circuit are involved. The role of Lhx6 and Lhx8 in the development of the striatal interneurons, prompted us to investigate them as novel candidate genes for TS. We(More)
  • K Bane, J Bowers, A Chao, T Chen, F J Decker, R L Holtzapple +23 others
  • 1997
New low-impedance vacuum chambers were installed in the SLC damping rings for the 1994 run after finding a single bunch instability with the old chamber. Although the threshold is lower with the new vacuum chamber, the instability is less severe, and we are now routinely operating at intensities of 4.5× 10 10 particles per bunch (ppb) compared to 3×10 10(More)
Food safety organizations indicate the likelihood of constant human and animal exposure to mycotoxin mixtures as a possible negative public health impact. Risk assessment demonstrates that certain mycotoxins of Aspergillus and Penicillium spp. are toxic and hold a significant genotoxic efficacy at nanomolar concentrations. The aim of the current study was(More)
BACKGROUND Primary adenocarcinomas of the appendix are uncommon. Mucoceles that result from mucinous adenocarcinomas of the appendix may be incidentally detected on imaging. CASE PRESENTATION A case of a mucocele of the appendix, due to cystadenocarcinoma, is presented as an incidental imaging finding in a female, 86-year-old patient. The patient was(More)
BACKGROUND Non Radioactive colorimetric In Situ Hybridization (NoRISH) with hapten labeled probes has been widely used for the study of gene expression in development, homeostasis and disease. However, improvement in the sensitivity of the method is still needed to allow for the analysis of genes expressed at low levels. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS A(More)
It took more than 100 years for a new technique, laparo-scopic cholecystectomy, to replace classic open cholecys-tectomy as the gold standard for the treatment of choleli-thiasis. Once introduced, the evolution to laparoscopic cholecystectomy took place so suddenly and on such a large scale worldwide that, in the history of surgery, the last decade of the(More)
The DIRC is a totally internally reflecting Cherenkov imaging detector proposed for particle identification at the asymmetric e + e − B factories. First test results from a conceptual prototype using cosmic muons are reported. The photo-electron yield and the single Cherenkov photon resolution at various track dip angles and positions along the radiator bar(More)
Probiotic microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria (LAB) exert a number of strain-specific health-promoting activities attributed to their immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. Despite recent attention, our understanding of the biological processes involved in the beneficial effects of LAB strains is still limited. To this(More)