Constantinos A. Valagiannopoulos

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—In this paper, two different neural models are proposed for calculating the quasi-static parameters of multilayer cylindrical coplanar waveguides and strip lines. These models were basically developed by training the artificial neural networks with the numerical results of quasi-static analysis. Neural models were trained with four different learning(More)
Several wave scattering phenomena in optics are modeled by the method of fictitious sources (MFS). Despite its interesting features, the effectiveness of the MFS and its applicability are restricted by open issues, including the placement of the fictitious sources (FS) and the fields' convergence. Concerning these issues, we investigate here the MFS(More)
* These authors contributed equally to this work Lens design for focusing and imaging has been optimized through centuries of developments; however, conventional lenses, even in their most ideal realizations, still suffer from fundamental limitations, such as limits in resolution and the presence of optical aberrations, which are inherent to the laws of(More)
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