Constantino Vázquez

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Grid computing involves the ability to harness together the power of computing resources. In this paper we push forward this philosophy and show technologies enabling federation of grid infrastructures regardless of their interface. The aim is to provide the ability to build arbitrary complex grid infrastructure able to sustain the demand required by any(More)
Utility computing is a service provisioning model which will provide adaptive, flexible and simple access to computing resources, enabling a pay-per-use model for computing similar to traditional utilities such as water, gas or electricity. On the other hand, grid technology provides standard functionality for flexible integration of diverse distributed(More)
Since its conception, Grid technology concerned itself with interoperability between heterogeneous computers by providing a middleware layer to abstract underlying resource characteristics. Unfortunately there is no agreement today on a common set of standards and, therefore, different conceptions lead to different middleware implementations. That(More)
BonFIRE is a multi-site test bed that supports testing of Cloud-based and distributed applications. BonFIRE breaks the mould of commercial Cloud offerings by providing unique functionality in terms of observability, control, advanced Cloud features and ease of use for experimentation. A number of successful use cases have been executed on BonFIRE, involving(More)
A performance model, previously proposed to characterize the performance of grid infrastructures, is extended to evaluate federations of grids by aggregating their performance parameters. These parameters can then be used to develop scheduling policies based on them. The new model can be used to take scheduling decisions based on them and hence to aid in(More)
With the goal of promoting the adoption of the grid technologies from the business and enterprise, BEinGRID EU project is organized as a set of pilots with partners with complementary roles, from end users to technology providers. The expected output is a set of business reference cases leading towards the business exploitation of the grid. The paper shares(More)