Constantino Lopez

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The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste was a Portuguese colony for 400 years, and was under Indonesian occupation for 25 years. After the population’s overwhelming vote for independence in August 1999, militia supported by the Indonesian military destroyed 70% of the country’s infrastructure; several thousand people were killed; and hundreds of thousands(More)
A study carried out among postgraduate nurses detected a high degree of confusion regarding standard precautions. This led to the formation of a multidisciplinary group from various sections of the health system to investigate this topic in greater detail. Our study observed a high degree of conceptual confusion and a lack of knowledge about standard(More)
BACKGROUND Health resources needed by immigrants have increased steadily in the last few years. Studying health problems and social vulnerability in immigrants would help to improve the health care quality. PATIENTS AND METHODS A case-control study performed in the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. Immigrant patients admitted with infectious diseases from(More)
This article analyzes the data obtained from a series of planned studies run over a two year period of time by a group of nurses while they carried out a health education program with HIV positive patients. This was made possible by a grant from FIS, Health Research and Investigation Fund. Due to the collaboration by professionals in the Nursing School of(More)
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