Constantine Lukashin

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Objectives of the NASA Information And Data System (NAIADS) project are to develop a prototype of a conceptually new middleware framework to modernize and significantly improve efficiency of the Earth Science data fusion, big data processing and analytics. The key components of the NAIADS include: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) multi-lingual framework,(More)
In this paper we present SOA based CLAs12 event Reconstruction and Analyses (CLARA) framework used to develop Earth Science multi-sensor data fusion, processing, and analytics applications (NAIADS: NASA JLAB collaboration). CLARA design focus is on two main traits: a) real-time data stream processing, and b) service oriented architecture (SOA) in a flow(More)
Landsat imagers, and imagers on geostationary platforms. One of two fundamental CLARREO mission goals is to provide sufficient sampling of high-accuracy observations that are matched in time, space, and viewing angles with measurements made by existing instruments, to a degree that overcomes the random error sources from imperfect data matching and(More)