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Predicting Motivation To Learn and Motivation To Transfer Learning Back to the Job in a Service Organization--A New Systemic Model for Training Effectiveness.
This exploratory study attempted to identify key predictors of motivation to learn and motivation to transfer as well as examine the relationship between the two variables. Organizational commitment,Expand
Reconceptualizing the Learning Transfer Conceptual Framework: Empirical Validation of a New Systemic Model
This study confirmed the validity of the new systemic model of learning transfer and suggested that a high performance work system could indeed serve as a catalyst to successful training transfer. Expand
Factors Affecting Training Effectiveness in the Context of the Introduction of a New Technology--A U.S. Case Study.
The purpose of this exploratory study was to identify the key factors within and outside the training context that could affect training effectiveness. The most important variables that were found toExpand
Linking high performance organizational culture and talent management: satisfaction/motivation and organizational commitment as mediators
Relying on strategic human resource management and organization development systemic principles, this theory-building study tested the validity of a new talent attraction and retention model whichExpand
Examining the relationship between learning organization characteristics and change adaptation, innovation, and organizational performance
The main purpose of this exploratory study was to examine the relationship between certain learning organization characteristics and change adaptation, innovation, and bottom-line organizationalExpand
A Systemic Perspective of Training Transfer
This chapter represents a brief overview of past literature that has helped shape training transfer thinking and practice. Once the key factors found to influence successful training transfer,Expand
A Holistic Approach Toward Motivation to Learn in the Workplace
The purpose of this study was to identify key variables within and outside the learning context that could affect motivation to learn during training. Aside from research on motivation to learn, theExpand
A Holistic Approach Towards Motivation to Learn
This document contains three papers from a symposium on motivation for learning and performance that was conducted as part of a conference on human resource development (HRD). "A Holistic ApproachExpand