Constantine J. Hatziadoniu

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8.1 INTRODUCTION Numerical methods for the computation of harmonic propagation and distortion differ in the manner in which they represent the harmonic sources and the system impedance. Iterative methods (e.g. harmonic load flow) use a phasor representation of these parameters. Time domain methods, on the other hand, use a time representation of the system(More)
—Solving the optimal power flow problem is one of the main objectives in electrical power systems analysis and design. The modern optimization algorithms such as the evolutionary algorithms are also adopted to solve this problem, especially when the intermittency nature of generation resources are included, as in wind and solar energy resources, where the(More)
—The economic dispatch of wind power units is quite different from that in conventional thermal units; since the adopted model should take into consideration the intermittency nature of wind speed as well. Therefore, this paper uses a model that takes into account the aforementioned consideration in addition to whether the utility owns wind turbines or not.(More)
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