Constantine Alifrangis

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A major challenge in cancer genetics is to determine which low-frequency somatic mutations are drivers of tumorigenesis. Here we interrogate the genomes of 7,651 diverse human cancers and find inactivating mutations in the homeodomain transcription factor gene CUX1 (cut-like homeobox 1) in ~1-5% of various tumors. Meta-analysis of CUX1 mutational status in(More)
Trametinib NF1 BRAF NRAS WT WT WT V600E WT WT WT WT neg pos pos pos Colo-792 C037 A04 C089 Cell line ID Supplementary Figure 3. Trametinib induced pERK downregulation in melanoma cell lines independent of their BRAF/NRAS and NF1 status. Treatment with trametinib 5nM for 6h induces downregulated pERK in BRAF/NRAS wild type NF1 positive cell lines, and in(More)
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