Constantine A. Mangina

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We are presenting data of research conducted for the first time with human subjects in whom specific intracerebral sites were electrically stimulated through intracerebral electrodes with the concomitant recording of bilateral electrodermal activity. Direct electrical stimulation of specific intracerebral structures for which electrodermal responses were(More)
The most frequently encountered developmental problems of learning disabilities/ADHD often co-exist with severe behavioral disorders. As a direct consequence, this condition opens the way to delinquency, school drop-out, depression, suicide, substance abuse, work absenteeism, and other psycho-social complications. In this paper, we are presenting a(More)
Neural plasticity of modality-nonspecific and modality-specific memory and learning abilities pertains to fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence, respectively. The limbic system with the novelty neurons of the hippocampus interacts with the prefrontal cortex optimization of the orienting reflex and voluntary attention. Brain-derived neurotrophic(More)
Test. These improvements are not permanent however, since cholinergic medication serves to attenuate temporarily some of the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease only in its early stages. Topographic mapping of surface ERPs in patients suffering from early Alzheimer's Disease and Vascular Dementia as compared to age-matched normal controls will also be(More)
This Presidential Address deals with the new challenges and horizons of the International Organization of Psychophysiology (IOP) as we are marching towards the 21st century. The importance of Clinical Psychophysiology to humanity is emphasized. The special contribution of the International Journal of Psychophysiology to the future of Psychophysiology as a(More)
This research pursues the crucial question of the differentiation of preadolescents with "Pure" ADHD, comorbid ADHD with learning disabilities, "Pure" learning disabilities and age-matched normal controls. For this purpose, Topographic Mapping of Event-Related Brain Potentials (ERPs) to a Memory Workload Paradigm with visually presented words, Bilateral(More)
This paper supports the theoretical position of the existence of neurophysiological mechanisms of excessive compensatory recruitment of neuronal pools in Very Early Alzheimer's Disease (VEAD) as compared to patients with Mild Vascular Dementia (MVD) and age-matched normal controls. In addition, considering that the very early recognition of Alzheimer's(More)
This Presidential Address commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the International Organization of Psychophysiology (I.O.P.) and its multiple contributions. I.O.P.'s leadership at the scientific, humanitarian, social and political levels is discussed and its special functions within the United Nations and the World Health Organization are emphasized. The(More)
In this Presidential Address, the contribution of the International Organization of Psychophysiology (IOP) to the 20th century is summarized. Its official relationship with the United Nations and other international bodies is discussed. Future trends paving the way for the 21st Century as the 'Century of the Brain' are emphasized. The importance of(More)