Constantina Nasopoulou

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Given the pivotal role of Platelet-Activating-Factor (PAF) in atherosclerosis and the cardio-protective role of PAF-inhibitors derived from olive pomace, the inclusion of olive pomace in fish feed has been studied for gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata). The aim of the current research was to elucidate the anti-atherogenic properties of specific HPLC lipid(More)
Olive oil is an important lipid source of the Mediterranean diet which has been associated with lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases whereas olive pomace (OP), a natural by-product of olive oil production, has been found to contain micro constituents with antioxidant, antithrombotic and antiatherogenic activities. The evaluation of OP in order to(More)
BACKGROUND Platelet activating factor (PAF) has been proposed as a key factor and initial trigger in atherosclerosis. Recently, a modulation of PAF metabolism by bioactive food constituents has been suggested. In this study we investigated the effect of fish polar lipid consumption on PAF metabolism. RESULTS The specific activities of four PAF metabolic(More)
Given that fermented dairy products exhibit high bioactivities against cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), the anti-thrombotic properties, fatty acid profiles and sensory properties of cow, goat and ewe derived Greek yogurts have been assessed and compared. The total lipids (TL), total polar lipids (TPL), total neutral lipids (TNL) were obtained and the polar(More)
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