Constantina Doulgeraki

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The Web is constantly evolving into an unprecedented and continuously growing source of knowledge, information and services, potentially accessed at by anyone anytime, and anywhere. Yet, the current uptake rates of the Web have not really reached their full potential, mainly due to the design of modern Web-based interfaces, which fail to satisfy the(More)
Web portals constitute a rapidly evolving medium for transferring information and knowledge, as well as for establishing the means for cooperation and the coordination of activities among different parties. More specifically, a Web portal is a Web site that provides a gateway to resources available on the Internet or within an intranet. A Web portal(More)
Administering complex research projects entails considerable effort especially for sharing a common understanding of project goals and for timely monitoring of progress. Additional difficulties may be encountered if project members are distributed in different geographical locations and speak different languages. One approach to the solution of this problem(More)
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