Constantin Wiesener

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The papers at this Convention have been selected on the basis of a submitted abstract and extended precis that have been peer reviewed by at least two qualified anonymous reviewers. This convention paper has been reproduced from the author's advance manuscript, without editing, corrections, or consideration by the Review Board. The AES takes no(More)
Heart assist devices provide mechanical circulatory support for patients with end-stage heart failure. Extracorporeal blood pumps are applied to adult and pediatric patients in the case of uni- and biventricular assistance. Modern driving units provide more mobility what is an immense benefit to the quality of life of the patients. The treated heart assist(More)
Loading of the limb in bending hip position causes a torque loading component in respect to the femoral axis. In this condition a characteristical increase of the mechanical tension of the femoral surface occurs. The tension was calculated for different kinds of loading and for the first time in different bending hip positions by means of(More)
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