Constantin Vertan

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Automatic monitoring for the assessment of pain can significantly improve the psychological comfort of patients. Recently introduced databases with expert annotation opened the way for pain intensity estimation from facial analysis. In this contribution, pivotal face elements are identified using the Histograms of Topographical features (HoT) which are a(More)
This paper investigates the recognition of the Eye Accessing Cues used in the Neuro-Linguistic Programming as a method for inferring one’s thinking mechanisms, since the meaning of non-visual gaze directions may be directly related to the internal mental processes. The direction of gaze is identified by separating the components of the eye (i.e., iris,(More)
Histogram equalization (HE) is one of the simplest and most effective techniques for enhancing gray-level images. For color images, HE becomes a more difficult task, due to the vectorial nature of data. We propose a new method for color image enhancement that uses two hierarchical levels of HE: global and local. In order to preserve the hue, equalization is(More)
This paper proposes a novel approach to color texture characterization and classification. Rather than developing new textural features, we propose to derive a family of new, reduced dimensionality color spaces (that we call ¢ ¡ £ ¥ ¤), that allow a good classification performance by the use of classical energy-distribution features, defined in a scalar(More)
This contribution is intended as a survey of the existing fuzzy (or fuzzy related) ltering techniques for multichannel (and color in particular) images. We propose a classiication of all these approaches to color image processing into four categories, based on the importance that fuzzy theory receives during the lter design: crude fuzzy, fuzzy paradigm(More)