Constantin Koutsikopoulos

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The spatial distribution of olive fruit flyBactrocera (Dacus) oleae (Gmelin) (Diptera: Tephritidae) field captures with McPhail traps within an experimental orchard was evaluated. Contour maps were constructed to examine the patterns in the 3-year trapping data. Captures varied widely inside the olive orchard, with traps suspended on wild olive trees(More)
In the present study the role of the nocturnal migration of bogue Boops boops shoals to anthropogenically modified shallow littoral locations was examined, evaluating four alternative hypotheses: (1) feeding, (2) reproduction, (3) attraction of B. boops to artificial light and (4) concealment in the darkness related to predation avoidance. All hypotheses(More)
A remarkable phenomenon of dense Boops boops shoals appearing almost adjacent to the shoreline during nighttime is known to the locals of island communities of the Aegean Sea (eastern Mediterranean). In this work, we investigated this appearance testing the hypotheses that (a) it may occur only in anthropogenically modified locations (as suggested by(More)
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