Constantin Anastasopoulos

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Global fiber reconstruction aims at providing a consistent view of the fiber architecture in the whole volume of cerebral white matter on the basis of diffusion-sensitized magnetic resonance imaging. A new realization of this principle is presented. The method utilizes data acquired with high angular resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI), a measurement(More)
BACKGROUND In contrast to the abundance of seizure outcome reports in epilepsy surgery for glioneuronal tumors in childhood and adolescence, there is a dearth of information regarding cognitive outcomes. OBJECTIVE To investigate the seizure and cognitive outcome of children and adolescents that underwent resective surgery for glioneuronal tumor-associated(More)
The progressive replacement of muscle tissue by fat in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) has been studied using quantitative MRI between, but not within, individual muscles. We studied fat replacement along the proximodistal muscle axis using the Dixon technique on a 3T MR scanner in 22 DMD patients and 12 healthy controls. Mean fat fractions per muscle per(More)
Decompressive craniectomy (DC) is a controversially discussed neurosurgical procedure to reduce elevated intracranial pressure after severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). In contrast to adults, several studies could show a benefit for the pediatric population, but still DC is considered as an emergency procedure only. The aim of our study was to identify(More)
Within the last decades, the percentage of diagnosed cervical cancer in women of reproductive age has increased. The possibility of diagnosing small cervical tumors (< or = twocm) in childbearing age, can be explained due to the fact that many women, are aware of the benefits of Pap smear or colposcopy examination. Many demand a more conservative policy to(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to analyze the impact of deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the posteromedial hypothalamus (pHyp) on seizure frequency in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy (DRE) associated with intractable aggressive behavior (IAB). METHODS Data were collected retrospectively from nine patients, who received bilateral stereotactic(More)
PURPOSE The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect oftamoxifen on the endometrium of45 postmenopausal women with breast cancer, as evidenced by hysteroscopic, ultrasound, histological methods, and by immunohistochemical investigation of the expression of Bcl-2 and Ki67. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty-five postmenopausal women with breast cancer(More)
To visualize and quantify physiological blood flow of intracranial veins in vivo using time-resolved, 3D phase-contrast MRI (4D flow MRI), and to test measurement accuracy. Fifteen healthy volunteers underwent repeated ECG-triggered 4D flow MRI (3 Tesla, 32-channel head coil). Intracranial venous blood flow was analysed using dedicated software allowing for(More)
Primary deficiency of laminin alpha-2 due to mutations in the LAMA2 gene accounts for 30% of all patients with congenital muscular dystrophy. Here, we present seven patients with partial or total laminin alpha-2 deficiency (MDC1A) with a wide clinical spectrum, ranging from ambulant patients to patients who were never able to stand or sit. We identified two(More)