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Pope, church and city : essays in honour of Brenda M. Bolton
List of illustrations List of Abbreviations List of Contributors Brenda Bolton, An Appreciation, Barrie Dobson Bibliography of the writings of Brenda M. Bolton Introduction, Frances Andrews Part One:Expand
The Spousal Relationship: Marital Society and Sexuality in the Letters of Pope Innocent III
Pour Innocent III, la relation maritale etait plus qu'un simple contrat entre deux parties consentantes definies selon les regles canoniques. La sexualite n'a pas uniquement une fonction procreativeExpand
Gender Difference and Indifference in the Writings of Pope Innocent III
Both R. Howard Bloch and Jean Leclercq have recently included the name of Pope Innocent HI (1198-1216) among the ranks of medieval misogynistic writers. Such an anti-feminist designation results fromExpand
Harbingers of the future: Marriage cases during the Pontificate of Innocent III and Lateran IV
The Fourth Lateran Council (1215) under Pope Innocent III had a lasting impact on the reform of the church and the life of the laity. Indeed, scholars of medieval marriage have long regarded theExpand
IV. Innocent III: A Lawyer-Pope and His Consensual “Policy” of Marriage? A Reconsideration
Abstract This article intervenes in the previous scholarly conversations of Kenneth Pennington, Charles Donahue, Jr., and Anne J. Duggan and suggests through the reassessment of the survivingExpand
Neither Bewitched nor Beguiled: Philip Augustus's Alleged Impotence and Innocent III's Response
Thus the author of the Gesta Innocentii described the reaction of Philip II Augustus (1180–1223) to his long-awaited bride on August 15, 1193, in the cathedral of Amiens, a reaction that would causeExpand
A papal matchmaker: Principle and pragmatism during Innocent III's pontificate
Abstract Scholars have yet to recognize the complexity of the match-making policies of Innocent III (1198–1216) concerning the proposed marriages for Otto of Brunswick, Frederick of Sicily, and ElenaExpand