Constance M. Schober

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Several recently developed multisymplectic schemes for Hamiltonian PDEs have been shown to preserve associated local conservation laws and constraints very well in long time numerical simulations. Backward error analysis for PDEs, or the method of modified equations, is a useful technique for studying the qualitative behavior of a discretization and(More)
preprint numerics no. 1/2006 norwegian university of science and technology trondheim, norway The cubic nonlinear Schrödinger (nls) equation with periodic boundary conditions is solvable using Inverse Spectral Theory. The " nonlinear " spectrum of the associated Lax pair reveals topological properties of the nls phase space that are difficult to assess by(More)
Recent results on the local and global properties of multisymplectic discretizations of Hamiltonian PDEs are discussed. We consider multisymplectic (MS) schemes based on Fourier spectral approximations and show that, in addition to a MS conservation law, conservation laws related to linear symmetries of the PDE are preserved exactly. We compare spectral(More)