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A narrow beam fast filter radiometer has been developed for the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program. The radiometer is intended to operate alongside a lidar at ARM sites in a lidar/radiometer (LIRAD) configuration. The radiometer detects in three narrow bands at 8.62-, 10.86-, and 12.04-m central wavelengths in the atmospheric window. In(More)
The retrieval of cloud properties from Lidar/Radiometer data by the LIRAD method is described. Several data sets taken by the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research are now available for such retrievals as a result of several major field experiments during the past six years. The LIRAD method is reviewed briefly and its application to the various data sets(More)
A lidar system that can measure multiple scattering and depolarization in the atmosphere is being used to study the climatic effects of cirrus clouds and to perform other investigations. The lidar system and its novel aspects are described in this paper. The influence of multiple scattering on noise, signal, and SNR is considered. Special receiver field(More)
Some body composition changes during lactation in women of Karkar Island, Papua New Guinea, suggest that body fat reserves, measured by changes in weight, diminish during the course of lactation and that subcutaneous fat reserves diminish with parity. The data are discussed in terms of the possible nutritional control of fertility of women in a subsistence(More)