Constance M Bowe

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1. Intraaxonal recordings were obtained in vitro from the sural nerve (SN), the muscle branch of the anterior tibial nerve (ATN), or the deafferented ATN (dATN) in 5- to 7-wk-old rats. Whole-nerve sucrose gap recordings were obtained from the SN and the ATN. This allowed study of cutaneous (SN), mixed motor and muscle afferent (ATN), and isolated muscle(More)
Excitability properties of isolated frog and rat sciatic nerve fibers were examined using intra-axonal and sucrose-gap recording techniques. Paired stimulation experiments on rat myelinated fibers indicate that a small proportion (11%; n = 84) of these axons demonstrate decreased threshold indicative of a supernormal period. In contrast, 81% (n = 23) of(More)
D-2-Hydroxyglutaric aciduria has been observed in patients with extremely variable clinical symptoms, creating doubt about the existence of a disease entity related to the biochemical finding. An international survey of patients with D-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria was initiated to solve this issue. The clinical history, neuroimaging, and biochemical findings(More)
Mammalian motor and sensory fibers respond differently to the potassium channel-blocking agent, 4-aminopyridine (4-AP). The action potentials of the motor fibers increase in duration after 4-AP, while the sensory fibers respond with bursts of action potentials after a single stimulus. These differences may account for the paresthesias reported by patients(More)
Differences in potassium channel organization between motor and sensory fibres have been described in amphibians but have not previously been examined in mammals. In the present investigation, we studied whole nerve and single axon responses following pharmacological blockade of potassium conductance in rat ventral and dorsal spinal roots during maturation.(More)
BACKGROUND The ultimate success of recent medical curriculum reforms is, in large part, dependent upon the faculty's ability to adopt and sustain new attitudes and behaviors. However, like many New Year's resolutions, sincere intent to change may be short lived and followed by a discouraging return to old behaviors. Failure to sustain the initial resolve to(More)
BACKGROUND Well-designed medical curriculum reforms can fall short of their primary objectives during implementation when unanticipated or unaddressed organizational resistance surfaces. This typically occurs if the agents for change ignore faculty concerns during the planning stage or when the provision of essential institutional safeguards to support new(More)
Hydroxyglutaric aciduria is detected by gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis, and the D and L forms are quantified by chemical ionization with deuterated internal standards. Patients have recently been described who accumulate the D form, and they appear to be quite different from those with the more common L form. Experience is reported with(More)
Many patients with the limb-girdle variant of congenital myasthenic syndrome (CMS) possess mutations in the human Dok-7 gene (DOK7). We identified six unrelated CMS patients with DOK7 mutations. Two patients, one mildly and the other moderately affected, were homozygous for the previously described 1263insC mutation. The common 1124_1127dupTGCC mutation was(More)