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The blocking of fine-capillary tubes used as flow impedances in 4 He evaporation cryostats to achieve temperatures below 4.2 K is generally attributed to nitrogen or air impurities entering these tubes from the main bath. The failure of even the most rigorous low-temperature laboratory best practices aimed at eliminating the problem by maintaining the(More)
Homoleptic organocobalt(III) compounds with formula [NBu4][Co(III)(C6X5)4] [X = F (3), Cl (4)] were obtained in reasonable yields by chemical oxidation of the corresponding divalent species [NBu4]2[Co(II)(C6X5)4] [X = F (1), Cl (2)]. The [Co(III)(C6X5)4](-)/[Co(II)(C6X5)4](2-) couples are electrochemically related by quasi-reversible, one-electron exchange(More)
The mononuclear, five-coordinate organochromium(V) compound [NBu(4)][CrO(C(6)F(5))(4)] (1) has been obtained as a dark red solid in moderate yield by treatment of the homoleptic organochromium(III) derivative [NBu(4)](2)[Cr(C(6)F(5))(5)] with NO[BF(4)] in CH(2)Cl(2) solution under an oxygen atmosphere. The Cr(V) centre in the [CrO(C(6)F(5))(4)](-) anion(More)
A new polydentate bridging ligand, NH(4)C(5)N=NC(6)H(4)N(H)C(5)H(4)N (HL(2)), is synthesized by the cobalt-mediated phenyl ring amination of coordinated NH(4)C(5)N=NC(6)H(5). The green cobalt complex intermediate [Co(L(2))(2)](ClO(4)), [1](ClO(4)), and the free ligand HL(2) were isolated and characterized. The X-ray structure of [H(2)L(2)](ClO(4)) is(More)
The homoleptic, square pyramidal organochromium(III) compound [NBu(4)](2)[Cr(C(6)F(5))(5)] (1) reacts with excess organic isocyanides, CNR [R = (t)Bu, 2,6-dimethylphenyl (Xy)], under dissociation of the apical C(6)F(5) ligand to give the more saturated, singly charged complexes [NBu(4)][trans-Cr(C(6)F(5))(4)(CNR)(2)] [R = (t)Bu (2), Xy (3)], containing six(More)
The synthesis and characterization of the triad of organochromium derivatives [Cr(C(6)Cl(5))(4)](n-) (n=0, 1, 2) are described. By treating [CrCl(3)(thf)(3)] with LiC(6)Cl(5) in 1:5 molar ratio, the salt [Li(thf)(4)][Cr(III)(C(6)Cl(5))(4)] (1) was obtained as a violet solid in 57 % yield. Oxidation of 1 with [N(4-BrC(6)H(4))(3)][SbCl(6)] yielded the neutral(More)