Conrad Weisert

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If we look hard we may find object-oriented opportunities in the "Hello, World" program. A Message class might encapsulate not only the text, but also the severity-level, the destination, and perhaps the language of a message object. A UserConsole class might provide the flexibility to display output in a GUI or applet window rather than just the(More)
V~%en experienced business applications progranmlers first look at C/C++, they're shocked to discover that some data representations they routinely need are unavailable. To get equivalent results someone has to build new data types (C++ classes), but doing so can be a daunting and error-prone undertaking, it's hardly surprising, then, that many experienced(More)
e s p e c i a l l y s i g n i f i c a n t . T h e "1"~-:.~_~[ c o m p i l e r i~ d e s c r i b e d i~ a c o n c i s e a n d r e a d a b l e f o r m w h i c h ali<)w> e a s y <change o r e x p a n s i o n of t h e c o m p i l e r b 9 olherx as well as lb+. ofiffi,,+,gor +t!" the compiler. T h e N~.:L*Ac l)r<~grant ( w i t h appm[)rit~::(~ c o m m e n t s )(More)
Dear Editor: I wish to comment on the significant number of contributions to Pracniques, Letters to the Editor and other departments of Communications that are concerned solely with methods of circumventing unpleasant characteristics of IBM 7090 series machines or of some specific operating system for those machines. There can be no question that this(More)