Conrad Peterson

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OBJECTIVES Occupational therapy authors frequently emphasize the importance of the use of objects in the development of motor skill. This study investigated the use of object-produced visual input in learning control of flexion and extension of an above-elbow training prosthesis. METHOD Fifty-two male college students were randomly assigned to two(More)
The disposal methods of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) have been a concern among environmental groups, the government and corporate interests. There are many popular types of MSW disposal; mainly landfilling, waste gasification, and new technology represented such as the Fibrecycle process – a method of reducing waste by applying steam pressure. To evaluate(More)
Using activity analysis, occupational therapists structure group activities to meet the needs and goals of group members. This study compared the effects of project group structure (subjects participate together on a common task) with parallel group structure (subjects each have a task) in a sample of healthy seniors (32 women and 9 men). Subjects randomly(More)
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