Conrad Kobel

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BACKGROUND DRG-systems are used to allocate resources fairly to hospitals based on their performance. Statistically, this allocation is based on simple rules that can be modeled with regression trees. However, the resulting models often have to be adjusted manually to be medically reasonable and ethical. METHODS Despite the possibility of manual,(More)
BACKGROUND The prospective reimbursement of hospitals through the grouping of patients into a finite number of categories (Diagnosis Related Groups, DRGs), is common to many European countries. However, the specific categories used vary greatly across countries, using different characteristics to define group boundaries and thus those characteristics which(More)
Introduction Background DRG-systems are used to allocate resources to hospitals Regression trees [Breiman et al. 1984] can assist to model DRG-systems Problems Best models are often very complex Models are not always medically reasonable Manual performance degenerating adaptations are necessary Proposed Solution Build diverse accurate trees to choose from(More)
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