Conrad J. Ruppert

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During post-natal cerebellar development the steady-state levels of c-myc transcripts exhibit characteristic changes. As determined by the S1 nuclease protection assay the level of c-myc transcript, which is very high in the late embryonic cerebellum, decreased to low levels shortly after birth. One week later there is a second period of c-myc mRNA(More)
We have used a retroviral cDNA expression system to drive the expression of the different forms of glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD65, GAD67, or both). Individual clones of engineered Rat-1 cells make the appropriate GAD mRNAs and GAD polypeptides, show GAD enzymatic activity, and make GABA. Clones expressing GAD65 had higher enzymatic activity than those(More)
In North America, many design guidelines for track components in shared-use railway infrastructure use historic wheel loads that may not necessarily be representative of those seen on rail networks today. Without a clear understanding of the nature of these loads, it is impossible to evaluate the superstructure adequately to make design improvements.(More)
Cloned cDNA from adult mouse cerebellum composed of subsequences homologous to the L1Md consensus sequence (long interspersed repetitive element "LINE" family of the mouse) hybridizes specifically with large nuclear poly(A)+RNAs that are highly concentrated in the murine and rat cerebellum. These homogeneous L1-related transcripts were localized in the(More)
A sustained increase in heavy axle loads and cumulative freight tonnages, as well as increased interest in high speed passenger rail development, is placing an increasing demand on railway infrastructure. One of the most critical areas of the infrastructure in need of further research is the concrete sleeper and elastic fastening system used in high speed(More)
The proto-oncogene c-fos can be induced in cells to high transcript levels by numerous exogenous stimuli. We show here by S1 nuclease protection assay that mere mechanical disaggregation and incubation at 37 degrees C induces high levels of c-fos hnRNA and subsequently of mature mRNA in neonatal mouse cerebellar tissue. This specific increase of c-fos(More)
A sustained increase in heavy axle loads and cumulative freight tonnages, coupled with increased development of high-speed passenger rail, is placing an increasing demand on railway infrastructures. Some of the most-critical areas of the infrastructure in need of further research are track components used in high-speed passenger, heavy haul and shared(More)
Because railroad crossties are the second most valuable railroad asset, it is critical that they be maintained and managed in a cost-effective manner. The direct expenses of track maintenance cost railroads billions of dollars each year, and additional millions are spent on recovery from track-caused derailments. Train delay costs further increase the con(More)
In order for a railroad to function effectively, all aspects of the system should be maintained in good working order. Locomotives and rolling stock regularly move through areas where they can be inspected and maintained. However track does not move, so inspectors must traverse the line either on foot or in a rail mounted vehicle and maintenance crews must(More)