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We study the relationship between topological scales and dynamic time scales in complex networks. The analysis is based on the full dynamics towards synchronization of a system of coupled oscillators. In the synchronization process, modular structures corresponding to well-defined communities of nodes emerge in different time scales, ordered in a(More)
We investigate an XY spin-glass model in which both spins and interactions (or couplings) evolve in time, but with widely separated timescales. For large times this model can be solved using replica theory, requiring two levels of replicas, one level for the spins and one for the couplings. We deene the relevant order parameters, and derive a phase diagram(More)
A solvable model of the genesis of amino-acid sequences via coupled dynamics of folding and slow genetic variation Abstract. We study the coupled dynamics of primary and secondary structure formation (i.e. slow genetic sequence selection and fast folding) in the context of a solvable microscopic model that includes both short-range steric forces and and(More)
We study the dynamical behavior of an ensemble of oscilla-tors interacting through short range bidirectional pulses. The geometry is 1D with periodic boundary conditions. Our interest is twofold. To explore the conditions required to reach fully synchronization and to invewstigate the time needed to get such state. We present both theoretical and numerical(More)
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