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BACKGROUND Older prisoners are the fastest growing group of prisoners in most countries. They have high rates of physical and psychiatric co-morbidity, compared to community dwelling older persons and also compared with other prisoner groups. Very high rates of mental illness have been found in remand (pre-trial) prisoners when compared with other prisoner(More)
BACKGROUND A mental health needs assessment in the Irish prison population confirmed findings from other jurisdictions showing high prevalence of severe mental illness, including psychosis amongst those newly committed. We implemented a participatory action research approach in order to provide an integrated mental health prison in-reach and court liaison(More)
Acknowledgements This manual was written as a distillation of our training, our experience and our practice as forensic psychiatrists. Between us we have worked in four different countries so we hope that the structured professional judgement instruments contained here will work in a variety of health services and jurisdictions. With this in mind, the(More)
The traditional freight wagons employ I-beam sections as the main load-bearing structures. The primary loads they carry are vertical (from loading units) and axial (from train traction and buffers). Ease of manufacturing has played an important role in the selection of the I-beam for this role. However, with lightweighting increasingly becoming an important(More)
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