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The nature of the lowest energy optical transition for the complexes (η(6)-naphthalene)Cr(CO)(3) and (η(6)-phenanthrene)Cr(CO)(3) in the solid state has been investigated by Raman spectroscopy using(More)
The photochemistry of (η(6)-methylbenzoate)Cr(CO)(3), (η(6)-naphthalene)Cr(CO)(3), and (η(6)-phenanthrene)Cr(CO)(3) in n-heptane solution was investigated by picosecond time-resolved infrared(More)
The electronic structure of (η⁶-benzene)Cr(CO)₃ has been calculated using density functional theory and a molecular orbital interaction diagram constructed based on the Cr(CO)₃ and benzene fragments.(More)