Conny van der Meer

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After 12 months of inpatient treatment, 16 opiate-addicted patients were exposed to drug-related stimuli. The results of this study indicate that cue reactivity in opiate-addicted subjects is still present after 12 months of intensive inpatient treatment. After exposing subjects to drug-related stimuli, there is an increase in craving, feelings of(More)
Current genetic counselling practice for Lynch syndrome (LS) relies on diagnosed index patients to inform their biological family about LS, referred to as the family-mediated approach. The objective of this study was to evaluate this approach and to identify factors influencing the uptake of genetic testing for LS. In 59 mutation carriers, 70 non carriers(More)
The authors studied the coping style of substance-abuse patients during clinical cognitive-behavioral group therapy, and the effects of mood and anxiety disorders on changes in coping style. Change in coping style was studied prospectively in a cohort of 132 residential-drug-abuse patients. In addition to pretreatment assessments, which included diagnosis(More)
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