Conny Johansson

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A Learning Software Organization (LSO) is an organization that learns within the domain of software development, evolution and application. In the context of LSO, knowledge management and learning approaches are complementary views on knowledge handling processes. Learning is based on knowledge and experiences related to the different processes, products,(More)
People working in the Software Engineering field must solve problems every day to get their work done. For successful problem solving, they need to find others with specific experience. To help individuals with this, we created an 'Experience Broker' role in the organization. The broker must be officially recognized, and function as a facili-tator for the(More)
Previously, we found that human dendritic cells (hDCs) pulsed with a melanoma cell lysate (MCL) and stimulated with TNF-alpha (MCL/TNF) acquire a mature phenotype in vitro and are able to trigger tumor-specific immune responses when they are used in melanoma immunotherapy in patients. In this study, we describe that MCL/TNF induces gap junction(More)
Levels of regulatory T cells (Tregs) are increased in different cancer types as well as in inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Treg accumulation may result from aberrant proliferation and trafficking as well as greater resilience to oxidative stress compared with conventional T cells. This enhanced antioxidative capacity of Tregs possibly(More)
This paper presents the results of a study where the effects of introducing code reviews in an organisational unit have been evaluated. The study was performed in an ongoing commercial project, mainly through interviews with developers and an experiment where the effects of introducing code reviews were measured. Two different checklist based review methods(More)