Connor Tyree

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Human manganese poisoning or manganism results in damage to the substantia nigra of the brain stem, a drop in the level of the inhibitory neurotransmitter dopamine, and symptoms resembling those of Parkinson's disease. Manganic (Mn3+) manganese ions were shown to be readily produced by O-2 in vitro and spontaneously under conditions obtainable in the human(More)
This study determined the comparative nephrotoxic potential of four trichloronitrobenzenes (TCNBs) (2,3,4-; 2,4,5-; 2,4,6-; and 3,4,5-TCNB) and explored the effects of antioxidants and biotransformation inhibitors on TCNB-induced cytotoxicity in isolated renal cortical cells (IRCC) from male Fischer 344 rats. IRCC were incubated with a TCNB up to 1.0 mM for(More)
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