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A case of angiocentric T-cell lymphoma with glabellar skin being the only affected site was reported. A 43-year-old woman had a several months' history of glabellar swelling followed by progressive and destructive ulceration of the region. Histopathology of the biopsied specimen showed panniculitis with atypical lymphocytes and degenerative vessels filled(More)
The factors which determine the situation of continuation in malocclusion treatment and characteristic of patient with malocclusion in pediatric dentistry were estimated from the status and the trend of patients undergoing denture guidance at the outpatient clinic for pediatric dentistry. The following results were obtained. 1. Among the patients undergoing(More)
BACKGROUND Cystine determination is a critical biochemical test for the diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring of the lysosomal storage disease cystinosis. The classical mixed-leukocyte cystine assay requires prompt specialized recovery/isolation following blood drawing, providing cystine concentrations normalized to total protein from assorted types of white(More)
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