Connor Imes

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This paper explores the problem of energy optimization in embedded platforms. Specifically, it studies resource allocation strategies for meeting performance constraints with minimal energy consumption. We present a comparison of solutions for both homogeneous and single-ISA heterogeneous multi-core embedded systems. We demonstrate that different hardware(More)
—The problem of minimizing energy for a performance constraint (e.g., real-time deadline or quality-of-service requirement) has been widely studied, both in theory and in practice. Theoretical models have indicated large potential energy savings, but practical concerns have made these savings hard to realize. Instead, practitioners often rely on heuristic(More)
As energy consumption becomes a first class concern for computing systems, there is an increasing need for application-level access to runtime power/energy measurements. To support this need, a growing number of power and energy monitors are being developed, each with their own interfaces. In fact, the approaches are extremely diverse, and porting(More)
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