Connie S. Albert

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Research regarding the threat of registered sex offenders has highlighted their reentry into society and the threat they pose to vulnerable populations such as the children in society. However, the research regarding the presence of registered sex offenders on the Internet is focused mainly on societal fears and incidents of unwanted sexual solicitation of(More)
The demography of corporations and industries. Chapter 10 reprinted in The sociology of organizations: classic, contemporary , and critical readings. Chapter 2 reprinted in The sociology of organizations: an anthology of contemporary theory and research. A. Wharton (ed.) Roxbury, 2007. Dynamics of organizational populations: density, legitimation, and(More)
Protecting children online has been a focus of research in psychiatry and sociology for many years. However, the anonymous nature of the Internet has made finding a solution to the problem of child protection online difficult. The current study proposes going beyond the identification of an individual online predator to the recognition of predatory(More)
The role of social support was examined in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Social support has been shown to affect illness outcome in medical disorders, likely due in part to communication between patient and support giver on illness-related concerns. Forty-one participants, 25 of whom had a primary support giver, completed the Beck Depression Inventory,(More)
Currently registered sex offenders share in the anonymity afforded by the Internet. With over 500,000 convicted sex offenders on the National Sex Offender Registry, this anonymity is potentially problematic. The potential problem exists in that adult Internet users are unable to identify where their online communications intersect with a registered sex(More)
The present study deals with the effects of two lipidosis-inducing drugs (chlorphentermine and perhexiline) upon the ultrastructure of large nerve trunks (sciatic and plantar nerves) of adult rats. Subchronic oral administration of high doses of either drug led to comparatively mild lipidosis-like alterations in Schwann cells and in other cell types of both(More)
Social media can be conceptualized as an emerging frontier where new forms of social relations causing power differences and other forms of unacceptable social practices develop at the intersection of human collective communicative acts and information technology. This emergence has created a need for considering novel approaches for investigating these(More)
Social media has become synonymous with every day communication in our technologically advanced society. Individuals use it to share information, make plans with friends and keep up with folks geographically dispersed from them. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer (LGBQ) individuals often use social media to find other individuals with whom they can share(More)
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