Connie Lee Barnes

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OBJECTIVE To provide pharmacists with the basic knowledge to counsel caregivers in appropriate infant formula selection and use. SUMMARY Although the majority of infants are initially breast-fed, a transition to infant formula by the age of 6 months, either as a supplement or a replacement for human milk, is common in the United States. Manufacturers have(More)
PURPOSE The frequency of medication errors in an emergency department (ED) before and after an ED pharmacist was assigned to check medication orders was studied. METHODS A retrospective chart review was conducted for any patient admitted to the ED of a large rural hospital between November 6, 2005, and December 6, 2005 (control group), or between November(More)
Overactive bladder (OAB) is a common condition in the elderly. Treatments for OAB include nonpharmacological or behavioral therapy, pharmacological therapy, and surgical therapy. Antimuscarinic agents are the current pharmacological treatment for OAB and are known to cause memory impairment. A 66-year-old female presented with memory loss secondary to the(More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce cetirizine, a nonsedating antihistamine, and discuss its mechanism of action, chemistry, clinical and comparative trials, and adverse effects. DATA SOURCES An English-language literature search of MEDLINE was conducted. STUDY SELECTION Human clinical trials were selected for evaluation. DATA SYNTHESIS Cetirizine, an(More)
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