Connie Lackey

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Antibiotics are widely prescribed for children with nonspecific upper respiratory tract infections, contributing to the recent emergence of resistant pneumococci. To understand the reasons for the overprescription of antibiotics, we conducted focus groups with parents and with pediatricians and family physicians to assess their attitudes regarding the use(More)
Twenty-eight patients with Barrett's esophagus were studied and strictures were present in 13. Two strictures were malignant. Of the 11 benign strictures, six were located at the squamocolumnar junction, while five were located below the squamocolumnar junction. Contrary to previous reports, benign esophageal strictures often occur below the squamocolumnar(More)
BACKGROUND : The purpose of this article is to describe the role of leadership in hospital preparedness in addressing the needs of pediatric patients in times of disaster and emergency. METHODS : Descriptive article was derived from conference presentation of current practice by health care leaders. RESULTS : Leadership is critical in emergency(More)
Organizations that stand the best chance at survival following a disaster do so because they can depend on the sharing of resources and mutual ideologies, the authors claim, pointing out that when it comes to strategizing for 96-hour critical infrastructure compliance, it is important to keep at the forefront not only the idea of collaborative planning from(More)
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