Connie I. Millar

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A method to extract genomic DNA from oocysts of Cryptosporidium parvum in human faecal material was developed and consisted of a simple alkali wash, freeze/boil technique. This method was simple, quick, sensitive, inexpensive and resulted in the production of genomic DNA which was free of PCR inhibitors and as such was a suitable template for the detection(More)
During the last 30 yrs, PVDF has been used extensively as a sensor material. Over this period, the GEC-Marconi Research Centre has developed a wide range of devices based on PVDF as a piezoelectric transducer material. The ability to create laminated structures has led to an enhancement in performance and has allowed innovative designs to be realized. This(More)
Observations of increasing global forest die-off related to drought are leading to more questions about potential increases in drought occurrence, severity, and ecological consequence in the future. Dry soils and warm temperatures interact to affect trees during drought; so understanding shifting risks requires some understanding of changes in both(More)
A model previously developed for pure 0-3 connectivity piezocomposites has been extended to 3-3 connectivity. This matrix method allows the prediction of the effective electroelastic moduli of a piezocomposite according to its connectivity. It is used to optimize composite performance by choosing the optimal constituents for each phase. A simple combination(More)
Two-dimensional (2D) array transducers have become of great interest in the last few years, in view of real-time volumetric ultrasonic imaging. The electrical matching between the high electrical impedance of elements and the standard cables and electronics is one of the key issues in 2D array design. The use of high-permittivity ceramics such as PNNZT(More)
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