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Structural and molecular genetic insight into a widespread sulfur oxidation pathway.
Many environmentally important photo- and chemolithoautotrophic bacteria accumulate globules of polymeric, water-insoluble sulfur as a transient product during oxidation of reduced sulfur compounds.Expand
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Optimum solubility (OS) screening: an efficient method to optimize buffer conditions for homogeneity and crystallization of proteins.
One of the most critical steps in the preparation of protein samples for structural studies by X-ray crystallography is to obtain biochemically pure and conformationally homogenous protein samples.Expand
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Print-and-Peel Fabrication for Microfluidics: What’s in it for Biomedical Applications?
This article reviews the development and the advances of print-and-peel (PAP) microfabrication. PAP techniques provide means for facile and expedient prototyping of microfluidic devices. Therefore,Expand
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Print-and-peel fabrication of microelectrodes.
We describe a facile and expedient approach for the fabrication of arrays of microelectrodes on smooth substrates. A sequence of print-and-peel procedures allowed for the microfabrication ofExpand
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A Novel, Q‐PCR Based Approach to Measuring Endogenous Retroviral Clearance by Capture Protein A Chromatography
Quantification of virus removal by the purification process during production is required for clinical use of biopharmaceuticals. The current validation approach for virus removal by chromatographyExpand
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