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We introduce AToMPM, an open-source framework for designing domain specific modeling environments, performing model transformations, manipulating and managing models. It runs completely over the web, making it independent from any operating system, platform, or device it may execute on. AToMPM offers an online collaborative experience for modeling. Its(More)
In this paper we explore the concept of utilizing software modeling tools in conjunction with the ROS simulation framework in order to create an executable Statecharts model to control a simulated robot within its environment. We modeled a simple collision avoidance and wandering navigation algorithm utilizing SCXML Statecharts and then used the AToMPM web(More)
One of the main tasks within the high-level synthesis (HLS) process is the verification problem to prove automatically the correctness of the synthesis results. Currently, the results are usually checked by simulation. In consequence, both the behavioral specification and the HLS results have to be simulated by the same set of test vectors. Due to the HLS(More)
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