Congzhi Wang

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Since a key step in the analysis of gene expression data is to detect groups of genes that have similar expression patterns, clustering technique is then commonly used to analyze gene expression data. Data representation plays an important role in clustering analysis. The non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) is a widely used data representation method(More)
Ultrasound elastography is able to provide a non-invasive measurement of tissue elasticity properties. Shear wave imaging (SWI) technique is a quantitative method for tissue stiffness assessment. However, traditional SWI implementations cannot acquire 2D quantitative images of tissue elasticity distribution. In this study, a new shear wave imaging system is(More)
Stiffness change of tissue is often seen with the progression of pathology. In the past two decades, ultrasonic elas-tography has emerged as a powerful complementary technique to B-mode ultrasonic imaging, in which strain of target tissues can be imaged and their stiffness can be assessed. The physical principle of elastography is, when deformation is(More)
In ultrafast ultrasound imaging technique, how to maintain the high frame rate, and at the same time to improve the image quality as far as possible, has become a significant issue. Several novel beamforming methods based on compressive sensing (CS) theory have been proposed in previous literatures, but all have their own limitations, such as the(More)
Plane-wave ultrasound imaging (PWUS) has become an important method of ultrasound imaging in recent years as its frame rate has exceeded 10,000 frames per second, allowing ultrasound to be used for two-dimensional shear wave detection and functional brain imaging. However, compared to the traditional focusing and scanning method, PWUS images always suffer(More)
Noninvasive visualization of blood flow with high frequency Doppler ultrasound has been extensively used to assess the morphology and hemodynamics of the microcirculation. A completely digital implementation of multigate pulsed-wave (PW) Doppler method was proposed in this paper for high frequency ultrasound applications. Analog mixer was eliminated by a(More)
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