Congshan Wan

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Janus structures, named after the ancient two-faced Roman god Janus, comprise two hemistructures (e.g. hemispheres) with different compositions and functionalities. Much research has been carried out over the past few years on Janus structures because of the intriguing properties and promising potential applications of these unusually shaped materials. This(More)
The grating coupling efficiencies for interlayer connection (overlaid chips) were previously calculated using the new rigorous coupled-wave analysis equivalent-index-slab (RCWA-EIS) method. The chip-to-chip coupling efficiencies were determined for rectangular-groove (binary) gratings. In the present work, the search algorithms used in the RCWA-EIS method(More)
The interlayer waveguide grating coupling efficiencies under angular (rotational) misalignments are simulated using the 3D rigorous coupled-wave analysis (3D-RCWA) together with the RCWA equivalent-index-slab (RCWA-EIS) method. As examples of conical diffraction, rotations about the two coordinate axes, x and z, defined by the vectors [1 0 0] and [0 0 1],(More)
A circular waveguide grating-via-grating (GVG) coupler is designed to achieve vertical interlayer optical coupling. Interlayer coupling efficiency is simulated to be 41% (single layer efficiency is 64%) for Si3N4 circular waveguide gratings for TE polarization at 1.55-μm wavelength, which is comparable with that of rectangular SOI gratings incorporating(More)
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