Congquan Rao

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Three neonates with lung abscess unresponsive to antibiotic therapy underwent successful resection of infected lobes with the aid of one-lung anesthesia. This was accomplished by selective endobronchial intubation of the opposite lung and obstruction of the ipsilateral main bronchus with a Fogarty balloon-tipped catheter. This valuable technique provides(More)
To investigate attentional capture by face's race, the current study recorded saccade latencies of eye movement measurements in an inhibition of return (IOR) task. Compared to Caucasian (other-race) faces, Chinese (own-race) faces elicited longer saccade latency. This phenomenon disappeared when faces were inverted. The results indicated that own-race faces(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has become an increasingly popular non-invasive radiological diagnostic procedure, with several distinct advantages over computerised tomography (CT). The images are produced using a strong (1.5-Tesla) magnetic field and radiofrequency (RF) pulses. Due to the effects of the strong magnetic field, certain groups of patients(More)