Congmin Wu

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For a one-component fluid on a solid substrate, a thermal singularity may occur at the contact line where the liquid-vapor interface intersects the solid surface. Physically, the liquid-vapor interface is almost isothermal at the liquid-vapor coexistence temperature in one-component fluids while the solid surface is almost isothermal for solids of high(More)
This paper starts with an introduction to the Onsager principle of minimum energy dissipation which governs the optimal paths of deviation and restoration to equilibrium. Then there is a review of the variational approach to moving contact line hydrodynamics. To demonstrate the validity of our continuum hydrodynamic model, numerical results from model(More)
The dynamics of droplet spreading is investigated by molecular dynamics simulations for two immiscible fluids of equal density and viscosity. All the molecular interactions are modeled by truncated Lennard-Jones potentials and a long-range van der Waals force is introduced to act on the wetting fluid. By gradually increasing the coupling constant in the(More)
Liquid Crystals Publication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information: Non-equilibrium molecular-dynamics measurement of the Leslie coefficients of a Gay-Berne nematic liquid crystal Congmin Wu a; Tiezheng Qian b; Pingwen Zhang a a LMAM, CCSE and School of Mathematical(More)
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