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The explosive expansion of data center sizes aggravates the power consumption and carbon footprint, which has restricted the sustainable growth of cloud services and seriously troubled data center operators. In recent years, plenty of advanced data center network architectures have been proposed. They usually employ richly-connected topologies and(More)
Mobile cloud computing (MC2) is emerging as a promising computing paradigm which helps alleviate the conflict between resource-constrained mobile devices and resource-consuming mobile applications through computation offloading. In this paper, we analyze the computation offloading problem in cloudlet-based mobile cloud computing. Different from most of the(More)
With the tremendous growth of cloud computing, it is increasingly critical to provide quantifiable performance to tenants and to improve resource utilization for the cloud provider. Though many recent proposals focus on guaranteeing job performance (with a particular note on network bandwidth) in the cloud, they usually lack efficient utilization of cloud(More)
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